Mindful Embroidery book​

Embroider your stress away

Escape the chaos of everyday life by embroidering yourself a romantic and tranquil getaway.

Allow Charles Henry and Elin Petronella to whisk you away to the calming villas of the French countryside.

Discover the hidden gems of Paris, stroll down the colorful tiled streets of Lisbon or float along the canals of Venice.

Let go of your worries stitch by stitch through these 20 delightful European scenescapes inspired by Charles and Elin’s favorite places throughout Europe.

Beginners can confidently complete any design in this book using five common and simple embroidery stitches.

As leaders in the modern hand embroidery movement, Charles and Elin invite you to let go of perfectionism and instead slow down, unwind and enjoy the meditative process of creating something gorgeous one stitch, and breath, at a time.

110+ ratings

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“Elin and Charles’ passion for embroidery and their love to inspire new generations to pick up a needle and thread shines through in this book.”
Abi Skinner
Designer, DMC
I will never forget the first time I saw Elin and Charles’ work and said, ‘Wow! I have to try this embroidery thing immediately.’ It’s an honor to recommend their amazing work and this book, as I know it will make everyone fall in love with hand embroidery, too.”
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Sila Gur @jolly_hoops
Embroidery Artist

Why Mindful Embroidery?

In our increasingly stressed world of constant connectivity it’s essential to sometimes de-connect. Thus, bring out a creative project, get your hands busy and allow for reconnection with yourself both physically and mentally.

When you embroider by hand, the process will make you both relax, feel present and mindful. Suddenly you will notice the way your shoulders are tense, or how a bird sings outside your window.

Perhaps you will actively want to focus your mind on the work at hand, or you let your thoughts wander. Thanks to the unique architectural embroidery designs in this book you are all set for whatever your mind needs.

Charles and Elin Embroidery Artists Couple

What is included in the book?

Mindful embroidery book contains 20 unique hand drawn patterns inspired from the beauty and history of Europe. Charles and Elin met and started their embroidery journey in Paris. Thus the first chapter invites you to Charles’ home-town, or as the rest world knows it: Paris – the City of Love.

Thereafter you will make a turn down south to Provence and later Italy, Spain and Portugal. Last but not least, you travel back north to connect with Elin’s Scandinavian origin.

Along with detailed step-by-step descriptions of each design, you also have access to material and technique guides at the beginning of the book. It’s essential for the couple that you have all the tools to confidently take on any design.

Charles and Elin are firm believers that anyone, regardless of embroidery experience, can stitch all the patterns in this book. Some may look intimidating, but don’t forget: They’re all stitched with the same  basic stitches. YOU CAN DO IT!

Don’t miss to order your copy and join the growing mindful embroidery movement!

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