Relax and Get Creative With Modern Hand Embroidery

You never forget the first time you experience the soothing and relaxing effects of hand embroidery

Because that day is just the beginning of endless potential for regenerative creative discovery with needle and threads

We are so sure youโ€™ll love it that we give you your first pattern for free!

Free Embroidery Pattern Rue Galande Paris

Your free embroidery pattern is inspired by Rue Galande in Paris. It guarantees you a fun kickstart into Architectural hand embroidery.

Don’t worry if it looks difficult, because we would never want to send you anything without proper support of how to go about!

If you choose to join the embroidery movement and download the pattern, we will send you all the information you need to successfully embroider it.

Additionally, we have made a full process video so that you can get a better insight into the experience.

Latests Embroidery Patterns

Desire to learn more about hand embroidery but not sure of where to begin?

It’s exciting to have a new beautiful project to start – and whatโ€™s even more exciting is when you have the tools and knowledge of how to go about!

Because thereโ€™s nothing as creatively frustrating and demotivating as to not know what to do next…

You got a pattern and materials but then what? And How?

You feel stuck and the beautiful project completion seems very far away… everything but a relaxing activity!

To help you avoid creative frustration and allow yourself to fully enjoy both the relaxing and satisfying feeling of a beautiful embroidery, we have created Charles and Elin Academy.

Charles and Elin Academy serves as your virtual go to for inspiring and resourceful online courses about modern hand embroidery.

Online courses are perfect for you who enjoy to embroider at your own pace, because you can pace your learning at your own preference – And watch and rewatch the videos as many times as you want!

To learn should not add another stressor in your life – it should be fun and accessible at your desire!

Best Seller courses

"Your classes are the best I've ever taken, seriously. I did a lot of creative stuff in the past but I'm an absolut hand embroidery beginner and your way of teaching is so so good"
- Claudia Chairsell
About Artist Couple Charles and Elin

Who are Charles and Elin ?

We are a French/Swedish married artist couple who are passionate about spreading the joy and relaxation of creating with your hands.

We fused our skills in drawing and embroidery, which quickly gained large attention with features in magazines such as Bored Panda, Flow, Inspirations and My Modern Met as well as hundreds of thousands of embroidery enthusiasts spread across Instagram , Pinterest and YouTube.

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In addition to working with companies such as Hermรจs, Pinterest and Amazon we have also taught thousands of students our take on modern hand embroidery via our patterns and online courses.

In September 2020 we published our first book โ€œMindful Embroidery; Stitch your way to relaxation with charming European street scenes โ€œ with Page Street Publishing.

โ€œElin and Charlesโ€™ passion for embroidery and their love to inspire new generations to pick up a needle and thread shines through in this book.โ€
Abi Skinner
Designer at DMC
โ€œI will never forget the first time I saw Elin and Charlesโ€™ work and said, โ€˜Wow! I have to try this embroidery thing immediately.โ€™ Itโ€™s an honor to recommend their amazing work and this book, as I know it will make everyone fall in love with hand embroidery, too.โ€
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Sila Gur
Embroidery Artist at Jolly Hoops
110+ Rating on Amazon
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