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On the look for a new creative project?

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We have designed a unique Architectural Hand Embroidery pattern for creativity enthusiasts like you. It is inspired from Rue Galande in the 5th arrondissement of Paris.

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    Free Embroidery Pattern Rue Galande Paris

    But who are โ€œweโ€ ?

    We are Charles and Elin, a French/Swedish married artist couple.

    Since the first day we met in October 2016, we knew that we share the same passion for arts and life. To create with your hands isnโ€™t just creatively fulfilling and joyful, but simultaneously incredibly relaxing and soothing.

    Through the past years, we have had the privilege to teach thousands of students the power of thread and needle.ย 

    Charles and Elin Embroidery Artists

    What is special about the Free Embroidery Pattern of Rue Galande?

    On our first date we walk by Notre Dame de Paris and ended up on the small backstreet of Rue Galande.

    The unusual buildings that were seemingly โ€œsqueezedโ€ in between two larger ones, immediately caught Elinโ€™s eye.

    She just knew that she had to draw and embroider it!

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      Architectural embroidery allows you to connect with a place more deeply.

      Observe your surrounding with new eyes of creative potential.

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