Top 7 inspiring Backstitch patterns

Backstitch is by far our most used and loved technique! It’s often dismissed as an “easy stitch”, which we think is a shame. Even though everyone is able to learn this needlework technique, it’s more than just easy stitchery. Depending on the thickness of your thread and the way you combine and overlap your stitches you’re able to create advanced designs based solely on the backstitch technique.

As with all art forms, the best way to master an embroidery technique is by practise. If you’re anything like us, you’re also a bit tired of the endless recommendation of samplers. You can create samplers for each stitch technique, but that doesn’t necessarily make you more inspired or motivated to be creative.

Architectural Hand Embroidery by Elin Petronella
My first Architectural hand embroidery design where I used only the backstitch technique to embroider the structures

Therefore, we’ve made it a part of our mission to create modern hand embroidery designs with the backstitch in focus. Along with all our unique patterns you always receive a downloadable pdf with step-by-step images and explanations of the techniques. Furthermore, you’re also able to access a video-stitch guide through our free Embroidery Library, or an article guide of embroidery stitches here on the site.

Our Top 7 Backstitch embroidery patterns

  • Embroidery Pattern Manhattan New York, is a graphical stitch dream. Cute florals and traditional embroidery is out of sight when this modern backstitch design enters the picture. With the use of a single-stranded black thread, you’re able to effectively capture both depth and perspective. The backstitch helps you to keep your lines neat and straight, which enhances the luxurious effect.

Manhattan Bridge Embroidery Pattern Charles and Elin

  • Metropolitan Paris Embroidery Pattern, is probably the only hand embroidery design that you’ll find of a metro station. This gorgeous station called “Métro Dauphine” is located in the majestic 16th district of Paris. It was constructed already in the 1890’s, which makes it one of the first stations in the French Capital.

Paris Metropolitan Dauphine Charles and Elin

  • The Oslo Norway Embroidery Pattern, is outstanding for its high-contrast and modern look. With a black fabric and white thread, you are sure to have a unique embroidered artwork that will fit into any home. Stitch it for yourself, or as a personal gift for your loved one. If you prefer to use white background with black threads, you can easily adapt the pattern to your liking. Or why not do one of each? Thanks to the backstitch technique you can capture the modern vibe of the Scandinavian city through needlework.

Olso Embroidery Pattern Charles and Elin

  • Travelling south we’ve got another backstitch focused design from Barcelona, Spain. It’s inspired by the historical structures of Hospital Saint Pau, which was first built 1901-1930. This design includes fine contours, which can be transferred from the downloadable patt5rn. For these kind of architectural hand embroidery designs, we highly encourage to be creative with the background. Thus, this could be the perfect pattern to master the backstitch technique and simultaneously experiment with for example a colourful sky.

Hopital San Pau Embroidery Pattern

  • We cannot make a selection of backstitch embroidery patterns without incorporating our favourite: Notre Dame de Paris. Even though you see some greenery at the bottom of the design, you are free to leave them out. The structures of the church are all stitched in single-stranded black backstitches to best capture its characteristics. The focal point is on the oldest tower in the middle, which sadly got caught in the fires in during the spring 2019. Hence, this is a chance to create a lasting memory of this historical and magnificent church.Notre Dame de Paris Pattern Charles and Elin
  • The previous embroidery patterns might seem overwhelming if you’re just starting out. Then this design of Sassi di Matera in Italy is a perfect place to start! With fine backstitched contours and some voluntary French knots for textural purposes, you will fall in love with the embroidery medium. The best tips to keep in mind when you stitch this design is to make short stitches. By embroidering shorter stitches, you’re able to capture the finer details and keep more control of your needlework.

Sassi Di Matera Embroidery Pattern


  • Lastly another cute pattern that invites for creative experimentation to complement the backstitch contours. The Musical Kiosk design, may look simplistic, but at a closer glance has numerous small details, which makes it a blast to stitch! The design offers a variation of straight and neat corners, with pointed edges. The backstitch technique is ideal for all these variations. The key is just to keep the stitches short just as in most of the other patterns above.

Musical Kiosk Embroidery Pattern

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  1. I also like to use backstitch in my projects. I have learned how to make them straight. I am about to start on a new project that requires stacked backstitch to fill in the space inside the letters that spell HOME in cursive. I was looking for tips on how to make them look really thick. It seems that the split backstitch would do the trick. Do you have any other ideas for me to consider?

    I admire your embroidery. I have not ventured much into embroidering architecture but it looks very interesting. I will give it a try when I see something that draws me to it.

    Thank you for your help and free pattern.

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