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Relax And Have Fun Developing Your Skills And Confidence With Modern Hand Embroidery

Wish you were better at embroidery?

Modern hand embroidery is a feel-good activity that brings both relaxation and creative fulfilment (especially when you have the tools and confidence to explore your artistic potential with this amazing art form!) 

Good news is

 You are only 2 clicks away from fun and enriching learning with instant access to a growing library of embroidery courses and workshops

Charles and Elin Academy Membership

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you?

✍️ You feel unsatisfied creating the same type of patterns over and over – you need to freshen up your repertoire! ✍️ 

💡 You have great ideas for embroidery projects, but you don’t know how to realise them? 💡 

🧵 You have loads of materials that you don’t even remember why you bought… You need inspiration and guidance on how to use what you already have! 🧵

🧐 You are tired of mediocre uninspiring tutorials and long for an informative and straight to the point experience where you get to follow along EVERY STEP OF THE WAY in detail 🧐 

🎨 You are turned off by impersonal mass-produced courses that exploits the creator – you want to learn authentically directly from the artist without scripted content from a third-party source… 🎨 

⏰ You have spent countless hours looking for relevant information only to be left feeling more confused and frustrated ⏰

If you thought "yes" to any of the above, then the Charles and Elin Academy Membership is made for you!

We offer a personal experience with authentic teaching about hand embroidery as a modern art form. 

No fuss, no extra effects, ðŸ‘‰ It’s you, us and focus on the work at hand ❤️’

The Academy Membership gives you:​

✅ In depth video courses, where each course is carefully developed with the student in mind to provide the best experience and results

✅ Instant full access to the whole content library immediately upon registration so that you can adapt your learning to your own preference (which means, you are more likely to succeed in your creative pursuits!)

✅ New inspiring content added every month!

✅ Content adapted for all levels and desires so that you can go from beginner to advanced all in one place

✅ Concrete stitch-along projects mixed with theoretical tutorials so that you get both hands-on practise AND lifelong skills to continue to grow as an embroidery artist and creator

✅ Flexibility to stay on for as few or many months that suits YOU!

✅ Less frustration and time wasted to look for relevant information – now you have it all in one place!

Do you find it hard to invest in your art, because "it's not important enough" or perhaps you think "I can just figure it out myself"?

Truth is we all do embroidery because it makes us feel good.

Whether it has a relaxing purpose or serves to make us feel more creatively stimulated and fulfilled, the foundation of it being a feel-good-activity remains the same.

And what happens with most feel-good activities?

They get set aside.


Because in our everyday lives, to prioritise ourselves and our own well-being IS DIFFICULT!

Especially if you have a full-time job and maybe a family and home to take care of.

We get it!

Because we are in the same boat.

For example, when we first became parents, we both put aside everything for the sake of the family(which is completely normal!)

But you quickly start to feel really down if you don’t get a minute to create something that simply just makes you feel great!

We noticed that when we began to prioritise an hour a week (doesn’t need to be endless amounts of time) to something that makes us feel good – it made us happier and able to show up with more energy for the rest of the time (be it for family, work or anything)

Now you may think that sounds easy to say but how to actually make it reality?

For us the answer was: To invest in yourself! 

When you sign up for a course, you mentally tell yourself that the course is something important and worthy of being prioritised – because you want to get the value for your money!

By joining the Membership you are signalling to both yourself and your surrounding that your art and creativity IS IMPORTANT and deserves to be taken seriously

Learning should be fun - Charles and Elin Academy Membership

New content added every month!

To ensure that you get a continuos flow of inspiring content, we will update the library on a monthly basis (including membership exclusive content)

This will include everything and anything from full courses to smaller workshops, livestream replays as well as lectures about creativity and arts that you can have on while stitching on your current work in progress.

Your teachers

Charles and Elin

We are the French/Swedish husband and wife duo behind the Charles and Elin Academy.

Since 2016 we have racked up a joint audience of hundreds of thousands across Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube, which has allowed us to teach the art of modern hand embroidery to thousands of creatives across the world.

We have also worked with brands such as Hermès Paris, been in exhibitions, featured in magazines such as Fubiz, Inspirations and more. And in September 2020 we released our first book “Mindful Embroidery”.

Charles and Elin - Academy Membership

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❤️ Some words from the community ❤️

You're only a few seconds away full access to the full content library
(with new inspiring content added every month!)

If you were to pay for the courses individually, they'd all add up to more than $900...

And you get it for just $25/month with no time commitment!

Let’s put that in perspective…

 For just $6.25/week, which is about the price of one weekly Starbucks coffee, you get access to content that nurtures your creative self-care. 

If you love to create, your time for creative self-care is NOT to be neglected or else you will quickly feel drained of energy. So come join us! 

You will get inspiration, greater artistic confidence and skills for a lifetime!

Naturally we think our courses are the best you can find.
But don't just take our word for it!
Here are some insights of what people have been sharing online:

Check out some of the projects you get to make!

Les Volcans, Paris.
This is the stitch-along design of the beginner's class on architectural hand embroidery
Watercolor embroidery
The finished version of the class project in the course on watercolor embroidery; brickhouse edition
Placa Reial, Barcelona
This is the course design that you get to stitch throughout the architectural thread-painting masterclass
French knot realism
This is one of the class projects in the French knot realism course, where you also get several theoretical practise sheets in addition to the stitch-along project
Embroider your jeans
Here is a snap shot from inside one of the lectures in the course on how to personalise your clothes with modern hand embroidery
Ultrasound embroidery
You find the bonus lecture on how to embroider an ultrasound inside the curriculum section of the course: Create your own embroidery designs
Interior embroidery
Here is the design of the stitch-along project in the first part of the course on interior design embroidery
Free hand embroidery
A picture from one of the example projects in the workshop on how to do free hand embroidery (without a pre-drawn pattern)
Abstract embroidery
A close-up image of one of the abstract mixed media pieces created in the workshop on abstract embroidery

Still have a question? Find your answers here:

Ps. You can also send an email to we are more than happy to assist you!

How long do I have access to the courses?

You have unlimited access to all courses and materials for as long as you stay a member.This includes all updates to new and existing courses too. You only loose access to the courses when you cancel your membership.

How do I cancel my membership?

Simply log in to your account and head to “My account” in the top right corner. There will be a drop-down menu where you choose “Manage subscriptions”. You can easily join and cancel whenever it suits you. For example, you can join us for a course this month, cancel the next and then join again when there is a release of a new course or workshop that suits you.

Can the price change for members?

Whenever you join you secure the fee that you pay when you enter. In other words, you will never be charged more than what you signed up for for as long as you remain a member at that price point. If you choose to cancel and then join us again at a later point, there is always a chance that the price has changed.

How do I find the courses inside the membership area?

You will be able to see an overview of all the courses when you click the “My Courses” tab in the top menu bar when you’re logged in to your account.

How often will you update the content in the membership?

We update the membership every month to give dedicated members as much value as possible.

As a new member, can I access old content?

Yes. All new course additions to the membership will be saved and available whenever you choose to join.This means that the membership consists of an ever-growing library of amazing embroidery courses for you to love!

It is only the pattern program (included in the Membership as a bonus!) where you cannot access previous patterns from months that you weren’t yet a member.

When will I be billed?

You always get billed on the same day each month.That means, if you sign up the 17th on your first month, you will always be billed on the 17th of each month you stay with us.

“I have been embroidering for many years, most of my projects have been iron-on or pre-stamped. I ran across one of their YouTube videos and was hooked. Watching the videos (and emailing Elin) gave me the encouragement to try something new. Since then, I have enrolled in 3 of their classes. The classes are easy to follow and encouraging. You can definitely see their love for the craft. Thank you for all the effort the two of you have put into them. I look forward to see what you have in the future.”

– Liz R.S

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