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Relax and get creative with modern hand embroidery!

Learning should be fun and accessible, and online courses allow you to learn and experience the art at your own pace, when and where you want.

To learn new creative skills will bring lifelong creative confidence and joy, so let’s get started!

Architectural hand embroidery

Do you struggle to know how to begin and complete your first embroidery project?

Then our online course Architectural Hand embroidery is perfect!

The course gives you a beautiful pattern of a building in Paris along with in depth step by step tutorials on how to stitch it from start to finish.

It is the favorite course for beginners of embroidery as you learn both how to do it as well as why you make a certain stitch and not another etc.

Thanks to learning the reasons behind every technique decision, you will both have an elegant embroidery + the skills of how to embroider any similar kind of architectural design later on. You can find a material kit for this course here.

Architectural Thread Painting

Do you wish to gain more skills and confidence on how to paint with thread?

What makes this course different than the Architectural hand embroidery course?

This course is created as the perfect complement (but works also great independently) to the Architectural hand embroidery course, as it expands on how to effectively cover surfaces with thread.

For example, you will learn how to use varying colors and techniques to create depth, shade and perspective in an image.

It works just as well as a unique course as you will receive in-depth step by step tutorials on how to stitch the included pattern of Placa Reial in Barcelona.

The pattern brings you hands on practice, which guarantees you a first beautiful embroidered art piece at the end.

We believe in learning by stitching! You can find a material kit for this course here.

Monthly Pattern Program

Do you wish you were more creative?

New ideas and inspiration come when you are already in the process of making something.

This is why it is so easy to feel creatively frustrated whenever you complete a project and don’t know what to do next.

A day pass, two, a week and suddenly you realize that you haven’t created anything in months!

This is why we have created a Monthly Pattern Program.

The program is designed with the purpose of being your support with a new inspiring pattern each month, so that you can continuously sit back and relax with some fun stitching while you get your creative mind flowing.

You can easily opt in and out of the program at your own preference and stitch availability, so there is no reason to overthink commitment before you gave it a try.

It wasn’t until we both began to stitch on a regular basis that we both advanced in our creative pursuits, and felt more fulfilled and satisfied in our daily lives.

Come join us!

Personalize your clothes with modern hand embroidery

Do you want to reduce spending on new clothes but still feel WOW in what you wear?

Modern hand embroidery is a perfect way to upcycle your clothes in a budget friendly and personal way that will boost your outfit immediately!

The course includes modules on how to embroider on anything from stretchy t-shirts and jeans, to non stretch cotton shirts, outdoor coats and even knitwear.

There are simply no limitations to what and how to upcycle your wardrobe (or thrifted pieces).

What I (Elin) have always loved about embroidering my clothes is the instant satisfaction.

Because not only is it easily available (we all wear clothes), you can use snippets of left over threads to experiment with, which otherwise would have gone to waste.

Furthermore, the proud feeling of wearing something that you have made yourself is literally THE BEST confidence booster! You can find the material kit for this course here.

Create your own embroidery designs

Do you desire to create your own authentic and personal embroidery designs but don’t know how to do it?

This course is ideal for you who have a desire to express yourself and explore your style with modern hand embroidery.

Whether you have warmed up with other artists’ patterns or want to make your own from the beginning – this course will serve you well!

Because it gives you all the skills and confidence you need to create any kind of design.

It is structured as a toolbox with modules that you can watch and re-watch on:

  • Inspiration,
  • Composition,
  • Texture,
  • Proportion,
  • Perspective,
  • Colours

There is nothing as frustrating as feeling stuck without the tools or knowledge on how to take the next step.

This is why it is essential that you have access to your courses for as long as you wish for you to revisit any videos whenever you need.

French knot realism

Do you crave to try something new?

French Knot Realism is an exciting and fun course for the one who loves to go out of the box of traditional hand embroidery.

The course teaches you how to use a single technique (the french knot) to create realistic images.

You receive concrete and practical step-by-step tutorials including actionable work-sheets + TWO embroidery patterns of eyes as your first hands on practise.

The course works well for both beginners and experienced stitchers as you will acquire all the techniques you need in a detailed a work-along format.

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