Hygge Everywhere

Hygge Everywhere at Anytime

Have you heard of Hygge?

In simple translation, Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word that means a quality of cosiness, feeling of contentment and well-being. But the word goes much deeper than that as it’s considered to reflect culture and way of being.

Even though it has become internationally known as a core part of Danish culture, I dare to say (as a Swedish) that it’s just as present here in Sweden. But most importantly, it’s a concept that can be practised everywhere in the world at any time!

So… what is it really?

Hygge isn’t something you can buy or that is limited to a certain social setting or physical location. It’s rather about an experience, whether with others you care about or with yourself, during which you not only allow yourself to slow down and be present – but also recognise and appreciate that presence. I’ve even heard some call Hygge the art of presence.

Considering the wide scope of the word, you can find Hygge in the most unexpected moments. For example, when I feel I need to feel more Hygge, I put on a knitted sweater and knitted socks. Preferably home-made to maximise the Hygge feeling.

If it’s warm it can mean to have an ice-coffee in the shade with friends or a good book. And if it’s cold, it can be to create a corner of pillows and blankets, some soft music in the background and a new embroidery project ready to be stitched.

“The best thing about Hygge is that it can be whatever YOU want and feel it to be”

Let’s have some Hygge with embroidery

Charles and I talk a lot about how the practise of embroidery is incredibly relaxing. Simultaneously it’s also highly creative as it allows your mind to wander and discover new ideas. For us, embroidery has every quality of a true Hygge activity.

Especially as it’s just as broad in its applicability and mobility. You can embroider with friends and have a real fun “Hygge time”. Make a few stitches during a road trip or in the calm after your kids have gone to bed. You can even use embroidery as a medium to make your art tactile.

Charles and Elin Workshop

In addition to the things mentioned above, it was the tactility of the fibers and meditative action of the repetitive stitches that got us hooked.

I wanted to share the concept of Hygge as a greater inspiration to create a place where you can experience some of these things in the safety of your home. To have a creative project at hand helps to stimulate slowness and presence while eliminating anxiety.

In short: It stimulates HYGGE!

To get you fully in the mood, Charles has created a quite literally “relaxing” video with hand embroidery.


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