Upcycle Your Denim Shirt

Upcycle Your Denim Shirt Are you on the look for a fun diy project and something new for your wardrobe? All at a minimum cost? Then you are in the right place! Because this article will go over how you can upcycle your denim shirt. How to upcycle your denim shirt, save money and get …

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Embroidery on black

Embroidery on black How to embroider on a black fabric? This is a question that we receive frequently. For some reason, it feels more intimidating to embroider on a darker background. Thankfully, the answer is quite straightforward: You use the same embroidery stitches as you would on a white fabric! The only thing to pay …

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How to do Embroidery Header

How to do embroidery?

How to do embroidery? How to start embroidery? We receive this question almost everyday, which we find incredibly inspiring! Because it shows that the interest for modern hand embroidery continues to grow. In our time of endless technological advancement and stress-filled days with constant connectivity, embroidery is the perfect go-to medium to rewind. However, after …

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Architectural Hand Embroidery Designs

Architectural Hand Embroidery Designs

Architectural Hand Embroidery Designs Architectural Hand Embroidery Designs, are the perfect blend between illustration and embroidery. When we first began to stitch, we missed the presence of new and modern designs. It was Charles who first came up with the idea that I should embroider my architectural sketches. Since the first attempt I was hooked. …

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