Creative discomfort

Creative Discomfort

Creative Discomfort It’s the second week of the Creative Challenge, which means that we are about to get uncomfortable.. or in other words, launch ourselves into “Creative Discomfort”. What do I mean by that? If your goal is to develop creatively and artistically you need to dare to get uncomfortable. To be able to get …

Creative Discomfort

This is the sign

Rediscover your creative voice

Ever since I was little, my dream was to use my creative voice to do art and to write. I love to write. It’s as if letters put together into words is something so powerful. Because depending on how you put them together, the words and eventually sentences will have completely different meanings. Furthermore, it …

Rediscover your creative voice

Ideas for creativity

How to boost creativity

How to boost creativity is a very interesting subject. Because from a theoretical stand point, you can entangle yourself in complex answers. But from a practical stand point, I think there is only one answer: Just start to create. Provoked? I understand that you may feel frustrated reading that statement. Or perhaps you think “It’s …

How to boost creativity

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